Orballo project

Our History

Our Project. Orballo

We are proud Galicians that love our countryside and the healthy food that is naturally cultivated here, we feel there is nothing better than to work from this perfect ground. This is the reason why in 2012 that we decided to set up Orballo, offering you 100% ecological products of the highest quality.

From the "Mariñas" region, A Coruña, Spain, we started to cultivate, growing plants such as hazels, walnuts and many other aromatic herbs, with the optimum level of care and respect that our land deserves.

Water: a well hidden secret

One of the great strengths of Galicia is the abbundance of water. This is because of the sea, the great number of rivers and streams, and or course the rain... That is why there are so many words in the Galician language referring to water. The quality of our water is reflected in the standard of our product, which you will experience when tasting them.

Gotas de agua Gotas de agua Gotas de agua Gotas de agua Gotas de agua

Orballo (according to Real Academia Galega)
1. Little rain.
2.Humidity in the air mixes with the night cold and turns into small droplets of water.

Our commitment is to change the world... slowly but surely

Orballo products are 100% organic. We understand the health benefits of natural products, which is why our products contain 0% pesticides, herbicides and chemical synthesis that can be harmful for health.

Orballo products are 100% sustainable. We are nature lovers that care for it's diversity and sustainability, which is why we truly believe there is nothing more important than being respectful to our enviroment. This is why we want to contribute and to do what we can to improve the world. Our rejection of the use of any synthetic additives is a reflection of this.

Orballo products are 100% quality focussed. We manage the entire production process from field to fork. We guarantee you our products are harvested at the right time and processed with absolute care and attention. We trust in our land and its quality.