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We would like to inspire you with our innovative natural flavour combinations that will bring new life to your culinary creations. Discover our aromatic herbs, spices, teas and ecoarroces a la carta... they will offer an exciting twist to your favourite recipes.

Aromatic herbs and spices - Orballo

Aromatic herbs and spices

Re-discover your favourite dishes with the original flavours from our healthy range of organic herbs and spices. The majority of our herbs are cultivated locally, and the spices are carefully sourced from the finest picks across the globe. If you give them a try, you will be certain to return for more!

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Ecoarroces a la carta - Orballo

Ecoarroces a la carta

If you're a fan of rice you're in luck, we offer 5 different soft rices with exotic and original flavour combinations. Not only will they delight your senses, all our recipes are very healthy and have been carefully developed to contain zero artificial additives. Use your imagination and craft your own culinary creations. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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Herbal teas and teas - Orballo

Herbal teas and teas

You will enjoy every single sip of our infusions. The taste will transport you to our plantations. With the beautiful aroma from the peppermint and the mallow, you will almost be able to hear the bees hum... a truly natural product and experience.

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